What if  You Could Build an Audience of Loyal Fans For Your Writing and Make Money at the Same Time?

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The Medium Blogging Course


A proven step-by-step system for making a living writing and building a tribe of loyal fans using the website Medium.com


Like a lot of aspiring bloggers, I had difficulty figuring out how to make a living with my writing. 


I knew you had to monetize your work somehow, but there were so many different paths and models to choose from. I tried a little bit of everything. I self-published books on Kindle, provided coaching, and even created an email course (that made zero sales). 


I was piecing together bits and pieces of income. I was gaining a bit of an audience. But I felt like I was in limbo. I just couldn’t put the pieces together to make a living writing and all the different options made me hesitate to choose one.


It was super frustrating to know there were solutions out there, but I wasn’t to pull the trigger. All the information about how to make a living online left me feeling overwhelmed, which caused me to stall and stagnate, not moving much closer to my dream.


Then I ran across this website called medium.com. It looked promising. I saw other writers with similar skills who were getting lots of views. I tried to publish a few posts on the site myself, but I didn’t have much success.


For whatever reason, something about the website made me feel like it could really move the needle in my career, so I didn’t give up on it. I started to learn the ins and outs of how the website worked. I studied popular writers on the platform. I reverse-engineered the strategies and techniques that led to success.


Soon, Medium became my main source of views for my writing and helped me grow my audience at a much faster rate than I was able to before landing on the site. Day by day, week by week, I grew more confident that I could use this website to monetize my writing somehow. 


Then, it happened. 


Medium launched a program called The Medium Partner Program that promised to pay writers directly for their work, no strings attached. They have a membership program where readers pay $5 a month to read content behind a paywall. As a writer, you could put your blog posts behind a paywall and get paid based on how much time Medium members spent reading your work.


I was skeptical at first, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I published some articles under the program and they did well enough for an experiment:

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I kept plugging away and my income kept increasing:

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Eventually it exploded and I consistently made thousands each month:

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To date, I’ve made more than $300,000 directly from the platform.


Many aspiring writers who felt frustrated with all the different paths to monetizing their writing have used medium.com to provide the most straightforward path to monetizing their writing in the history of blogging.

It took me years to figure out a process to make a real living by writing on medium.

I made a ton of mistakes and tried several strategies that didn’t work.


I put together this program to help you avoid many of the mistakes that will get in your way of getting your writing career off the ground.

Mistake # 1 - Running on the Advice Treadmill


I’ve been there before. You read blog post after blog post about making a living writing. You watch videos on YouTube, listen to podcasts, etc. All of them sound good in theory, but you still hesitate to pull the trigger. 


This happens for a few reasons:


  • Information overload - Yes, you can search for free information on how to make a living writing, but how do you know which piece of information works best? How do you know the right order to implement the information? You go back and forth on these questions, ultimately leaving you stuck.
  • The information doesn’t cause action -- Passive consumption of information won’t force you to implement it. Without a system in place to help you implement it, all the information in the world won’t bring you closer to your goal.
  • The psychological impact of free information - Yes, this is a trope, but it’s true. You’re less likely to implement free information because you don’t value it. Think about it, would you eat a free T-Bone steak from some random person off the street? Maybe, but you’d question why they were giving it away.

Mistake # 2 - Trying to Write Without a System


Here’s what I bet you’ve done before. You decided you’re going to start writing, but you don’t know what to write about, so you get stuck thinking of what you should write about. 


Then, even when you do have an idea of the topic you want to write about, you end up staring at a blank page. That, or you do end up writing a draft that doesn’t come out the way you thought it would in your head.


Say you do manage to eek out a few blog posts. Since you don’t have a system to reliably generate new ideas, you never write enough to get your career off the ground.


This moves you further away from your goal:


  • You get constant writer’s block - And each time you sit down to write and get blocked, you become even less confident in your ability to write.
  • You grow more frustrated as time goes on - You see that making a living writing is possible because others are doing it. The fact that you can’t do it makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you. 
  • You never get started at all - The most common thing I hear from aspiring writers is “I don’t know how to get started.” And that’s where most of them stay, stuck in the starting gate with no writing career.

Mistake # 3 - Never Committing to a Platform and Strategy to Build Your Writing Career


There are several different paths to making a living writing. But none of them will work if you don’t pick one and stick with it. All too often, I see aspiring writers bouncing back between platforms and strategies. They publish on platforms like SubStack, Medium, and Newsbreak all at the same time without mastering one of them. They try to do SEO, social media promotion, and guest posting at the same time.


They try to monetize their writing in a bunch of haphazard ways from publishing crappy e-books to selling courses to affiliate marketing. But they never get good at any of the strategies and end up making little to no money at all. 


This causes them to adopt beliefs that kill their writing career:


  • They blame the platform - Most writers who complain about lack of success on places like Medium barely publish on the sites at all. 
  • They blame the strategies - They’ll say things like “SEO is dead” or “blogging doesn’t work”
  • They end up in marketing tactical hell - This is the worst place to be. You’re aware of all of the potential lucrative strategies out there, yet you do none of them successfully, which drives you crazy because you know deep down that you’re getting in your own way.

Mistake #4 - Discovering Medium But Failing to Use it Properly


A lot of people get the first step right. They land on Medium.com and they realize it has the potential to help them build a writing career and make money. You’re probably pretty familiar with Medium. Maybe you’ve written a handful of articles and have some experience, but haven’t tied things together yet.


Most writers who discover Medium see the potential in it, but don’t know how to get it to work for them. So they throw spaghetti at the wall. They publish a few random articles about random topics and get little to no views. When I first joined Medium I almost quit because my articles weren’t getting any views.


Fortunately, I studied the platform and learned how to make it work for me instead of ending up like this:


  • The blind leading the blind - Many aspiring writers join Facebook groups with other newbies Medium writers and those groups end up doing more harm than good because most of the members complain and don’t have much to teach one another
  • Constantly in the dark - There are some writers who do persist on Medium without quitting, but since they don’t know which tweaks to make, their writing plateaus
  • I’m taking my ball and going home! - Most people who join Medium eventually end up quitting. Often, they’ll write a piece about Why They’re Leaving Medium. They’ll blame the platform without realizing they could’ve had better results using the right system.

What if there was a better way?


What if you had a roadmap to teach you how to succeed on Medium and use it to build your writing career?


What if you had the confidence to hit publish and start building your dream.

What Life Would Look Like After Following a Proven System to Succeed on Medium


Imagine what it would feel like to know exactly which topics to write about. Imagine having a reliable system for generating ideas and publishing  blog posts people want to read. Imagine knowing where to publish those posts to get the most views.


Instead of fumbling around with different strategies, you’d be building a growing audience and income using Medium. You no longer have to worry about what to do. You know how the platform works and you have a roadmap to keep growing your income over time.


Once you have a solid audience and income from Medium, you can expand your horizons and pursue more opportunities like publishing books, freelancing, or even creating your own programs. 


But instead of having to wait to build a big audience to monetize your work, you have money in your pocket sooner and the confidence that comes from knowing your main engine for growing your audience and making money is running smoothly. 


The bigger your audience on Medium gets, the easier it is to continue growing it. As you become a household name on the website, people are waiting and eager to read your words. 


Most successful writers on Medium attract a bunch of outside opportunities because Medium gets huge amounts of traffic. I’ve had people pitch me to do paid work for them. 


Several friends of mine have received book deals from publishers who found them on Medium. You can use Medium as the foundation for long-term success and make money at the same time. It’s a win-win.


Yes, it will require hard work. There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme when it comes to making a living writing. Just not possible. But, with a system to follow and a platform built to help you succeed, you’ll be in a position to finally build the writing career you’ve been thinking about for so long.

Introducing the Medium Blogging Course:

A Step by Step Road Map to Monetizing Your Writing

My name is Ayodeji Awosika. I’m an author, blogger, coach, and public speaker. I built my entire career using Medium.com as my main engine for growth and this program walks you through everything you need to know about growing your audience and income using the website.


I’ve spent nearly 5 years on Medium. I’ve seen writers come and go. I’ve seen the vast majority of aspiring writers come to Medium and fail. All of my observations over time have shown me what works and what doesn’t. 


I know the common sticking points newer writers face, especially on Medium, and this course is designed to get you over those problems as quickly as possible so you can start making money and building a bigger audience.

Topics Covered in This Program


1. Understanding how Medium Works

You’ll learn the ins and outs of Medium. I will show you where to publish your work on the platform and how to publish it in a way that gives you the best odds of getting views and making money. 


I’ll show you:

  • How to get your articles featured in top Medium publications
  • How to choose a writing topic that fits your style and makes money on Medium
  • How to get your articles promoted by Medium’s editors
  • Examples of how successful writers succeed on the platform (including breakdowns of my work and analysis of top writers on the website)
  • How to stay in line with Medium’s evolving guidelines and make money at the same time


2. How to Become a Popular Writer

The bulk of the course teaches the most important skill when it comes to making a living on Medium -- the writing itself. I’m going to give you every single tip, trick, tactic, and strategy I’ve learned over the years to become one of the most popular writers on Medium.


I’ll show you:

  • A step by step system to generate ideas for popular articles
  • How to write killer headlines and titles for your posts that get people to read them 
  • Persuasive writing tips, tricks, and techniques that will keep people reading work which earns more money
  • A proven system you can use to write new blog post after blog post without getting writer’s block
  • Different proven-to-work blog post styles that get tons of views and reads on Medium
  • How to keep growing your audience without burning out or hitting too many plateaus that cause you to quit


3. How to Master Your Mindset and Turn Your Writing Into an Empire

Like I said, success doesn’t happen overnight. You can use Medium to build a full-fledged writing business, but you need the right mindset as well as strategies that will help you grow your audience and income.

I’ll show you:

  • The mindset you need to become a top Medium writer
  • How to manage your time, stay productive, and write consistently
  • How to break the “beginner’s barrier” and push through when times are difficult
  • How to use your Medium traffic to build an email list
  • Marketing and promotion techniques to increase your traffic and followers
  • Advice on thinking beyond Medium once you’ve built a foundation on the platform

Resource # 1 - Blog Post Blueprints


The blog post blueprints are ‘plug and play’ templates you can use to write popular blog posts styles that Medium audiences love to read. 

Each blueprint will contain an overview of how the blog post style works, an outline you can use to create each style of posts, and examples from top Medium writers you can study as guidelines.

Resource # 2 - Write Like Ayo


If you’ve ever wanted to get inside of my head and learn the thinking behind my popular articles, this is the resource for you. 

The course contains several writing techniques you can use to make your articles more persuasive. 

On top of teaching you the lessons, I show you how I implement each strategy by highlighting how I do it in my own articles.

You’ll get to see Google documents with comments and editorial feedback explaining why I choose to use certain techniques, word choice, sentence structure, and more in my articles.

Resource #3 Checklists and Worksheets


The program comes with downloadable step by step templates you can use to implement the Medium strategies including things like audience research, topic generation, mindset strategies, and more.

Resource # 4 Monthly Coaching Calls


On these calls, you’ll be updated on Medium’s evolving changes and guidelines. I will talk about the technique I see working well both from myself and other top writers on the platform. 

I’ll do live ‘teardowns’ and critique the work of individual writers on the call to give everyone useful advice and feedback.

We’ll have live Q&A sessions at the end of each call.

Resource # 5 -The Publication Black Book


I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best publications to feature your work, broken down by category as well as ‘difficulty level’ grades to let you know if you’re ready to pitch them.

Resource # 6 - The Headline Vault


The headline vault will include 100+ examples of headline styles you can use for your articles. 

The goal isn’t to use these specific headline formats forever, but to teach you how to come up with killer headlines so you can write unique headlines on your own.

Consider these the training wheels you need before you’re ready to ride on your own.

Resource # 7 - The Writer’s Community


Support and accountability from your fellow writers can help you stay the course, give you useful ideas/feedback, and give you a sense of community by being able to interact with like-minded people.

The group will include areas for providing feedback, promoting each others work, and discussing what’s working so that we can all succeed.

I’ll also be heavily involved in this group, providing additional guidance.

Resource # 8 Right by Your Side


During the first 8 weeks you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll receive emails to remind you to stay on track, keep you accountable, and provide inspiration to keep you moving forward.

This is to ensure that you’re truly doing the work. I’ll be by your side to make sure you follow through.

What Others Have Said

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Itxy Lopez

Ayo's been on Medium for over five years now, and even though he dislikes the term, he's a top writer. He's picked up skills and knowledge over that time, and he was more than willing to share it with me. Because of it, my Medium  reads doubled in just a few months.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Medium Blogging Course


or 3 Payments of $199

  • The Entire Course
  • Monthly Coaching
  • All the Checklists
  • and Every Other Action-Based Blueprint to keep you on track with your writing career on Medium

One-Time Payment



3-Monthly Payments



The Medium Blogging Course Silver Package


or 3 Payments of $697

  • Everything including in the Medium blogging course plus:
  • 3 Monthly 1 on 1 coaching sessions via zoom
  • Detailed critiques and editorial feedback one article per month for 3 months
  • Email access for quick questions during the first 90 days after joining the program

One-Time Payment



3-Monthly Payments



The Medium Blogging Course Gold Package


or 6 Payments of $597

  • Everything including in the Medium blogging course plus:
  • 6 Monthly 1 on 1 coaching sessions via zoom
  • Detailed critiques and editorial feedback one article per month for 6 months
  • Email access for quick questions during the first 180 days after joining the program

One-Time Payment



6-Monthly Payments



60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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This course comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I won’t ask you to ‘provide you’ve done the work’ to get a refund or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Theoretically, you could take the entire course from start to finish, absorb all the information, and still ask for a refund. That would create negative karma that would keep you from ever earning a living, but you could do it. Why make a guarantee like this? Because it’s not about the money for me. I like making money and I’m a businessman, but I don’t need to hold onto your cash if this isn’t a good fit for both of us. Life is too short to hassle over such amounts. Most course pages will tell you that it’s ‘risk free’ to try their course. With me? It’s risk free. No hard sell here, just make the right decision for you.



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