How to Make Money Writing Online, Even If You Have Zero Experience, Without Being an “Expert” or Fancy Marketing Whiz

What if You Could Just Get Paid to Write?

No strings attached…


No need to become a blogging expert who needs to learn complex marketing techniques…


Without having to just write about writing or become a guru and sell courses to get by….


Just write, get paid, and build an audience of fans who love your work.


What if there was a way for you to easily write articles people love to read?


Even if you get constant writer’s block…


Even if you struggle to come up with good ideas for what to write about…


Even if you feel like no one wants to read what you have to write…


Seems to good to be true, doesn’t it?


Well, I’ve seen it happen with students of the program time and time again

Well, I’ve seen it happen with students of the program time and time again...

And it happened for me in a major way, even though I didn’t expect much.

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 The Moment When My Entire Life Changed... 

“Oh my GOD!!!! MY STORY WENT VIRAL!!!! WOW!!!!”

Jamie Varon, a popular writer from, a site I used to write for, was going on and on about this site called Medium.

She posted a story there and it was doing ridiculous numbers. 

“Hm…” I thought to myself.

By that point, I’d learned how to spot and take advantage of opportunities. I figured, at minimum, Medium could be another website I added to my list of sites I used to cobble together bits and pieces of traffic.

So I decided to give the website a try.

I posted an article on the website, waited a day, and then checked my stats. 

Zero, zilch, nada. Nobody read my post. 

I tried again. A handful of people read my post, but nowhere near the same amount of views I got from other sites. Not even close. Not in the same universe.

So, like a bunch of Medium newbies do, I got butthurt about it and quit.

Actually, I didn’t quit Medium. I just quit posting on Medium. There were still a bunch of cool articles on the website, so I was on the site almost every day reading stories from writers I looked up to.

Eventually, I got tired of sitting on the sidelines.

I dusted myself off and tried again. I spent countless hours on the website trying to figure out how to succeed. I studied the top writers. I looked at how they wrote their articles, where they posted them, and how they promoted them.

I eventually learned about publications, these independently owned mini-magazines on Medium. I got accepted to a top publication. After that, it was off to the races.

My traffic started to grow very fast. I got accepted into more publications. The traffic I got from Medium was more than all of the other websites I posted on combined.

It became pretty clear to me that this was the platform for me. So, like a poker player with a royal flush on the board, I pushed all of my chips in.

I stopped posting on other websites altogether. 

At the time, the Medium Partner Program didn’t exist, but I was getting a bunch of traffic and email subscribers, so I figured this next time around I could monetize more easily because my audience got bigger.

Then, it happened.



They’ll Pay Me to Just…Write? Ha, Sure…

By this time, I’d established myself as a writer on Medium. I had almost 8,000 followers and my email list was growing more by the day.

I figured maybe I’d write another book, launch a course, do coaching, or something, but I was honestly just having fun writing stuff people wanted to read.

Whispers and rumors started to swirl around.

Medium was about to start paying its writers directly, no strings attached.

I didn’t think much of it. $5 per month per member? Yeah, maybe it would help me earn a few bucks. Nothing special, though.

I gave it a shot and started posting articles through the partner program. My first month in the Medium partner program landed me a cool $225. 

“Hey, that’s something,” I thought.



Over the next few months, the numbers grew and grew...

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Eventually, I pushed all my chips in...

It worked.

Like gangbusters.

Like, exceeding my expectations by 100X. 

It was nuts.

I made $10,000 per month on Medium 17 months in a row, with a peak month of $21,963.96. 

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To date, I’ve earned more than $425,000 directly from Medium earnings

But this isn’t about me. 

It’s about you and a dream I’m sure you’ve had for a long time. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve kinda sorta known you wanted to be a writer for a very long time.

You’ve heard about people making money writing online, but it all just seems overwhelming. 

You probably have thought to yourself:

  • How do I get started?
  • Who do I trust? Everyone gives contradictory advice on how to make money writing
  • Do I need to set up a fancy website and learn all of these marketing skills?
  • Sure, other writers make money writing, but can I do it?
  • Don’t most writers try to make money writing fail?

Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is yes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

All of the pitfalls that keep writers broke and stuck are so easy to avoid, which is why I created the program in the first place.

Why Most New Medium Writers Fail Miserably 

I made a full-time living by writing on Medium. Several other writers have, too. Students of my program have done the same.


But, the vast majority of writers on Medium make little to no money. 


Roughly 10% of active Medium writers make $100 per month or more. This number has been consistent since the Partner Program began.


It doesn’t matter which era you joined Medium in, most writers on the platform are broke because most writers don’t know what they’re doing.


I see the rookie mistakes they’re about to make before they make them. I see the mistakes you’re about to make before you make them. 


Whether or not you end up joining the program is up to you, but I’m going to leave you with a piece of advice that has served me well.


Stop trying to figure it all out on your own. If you could do it on your own you would’ve done it already, but you haven’t, and that’s why you’re here reading this page.


I can’t guarantee you’ll make $10,000 per month on Medium, but I can dramatically increase your odds of success.


If you follow what I tell you to do, I can easily help you join the top 10 percent of writers on Medium. 

Several of my students join the "$100 Club" quickly...

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Not Just Per Month, But From Single Articles...

If you follow my strategies, I can all but guarantee you hit $100 a month and join the top ten percent of writers on the platform, but that’s nothing compared to what I can help you do in the long-run. 

Now that I’ve shown you a bit of proof (more coming later), let’s talk about why most writers never join the top ranks of Medium or make any money writing online whatsoever.

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Mistake # 1: Listening to the Wrong People



Would you take advice on how to get rich from a broke person?

Would you take advice on how to get in shape from someone who is overweight?

A simple rule of thumb that you can use to be successful in life, look at the results of the person who is giving you advice.

A lot of new medium writers join Facebook groups and get advice from other new medium writers. It’s the blind leading the blind. 

Yes, collaborate with your peers, but go straight to the top when looking for real solutions to your problems.

If you work with me you’re getting advice on becoming successful on Medium from someone who:


  • Has 90,000 Followers
  • Has earned more than $425,000 from the platform
  • Is commonly regarded as one of the best writers on the platform by readers and other writers
  • Used Medium to add 50,000+ subscribers to their email list
  • Start posting on Medium in November 2015 and never quit

You’re probably here reading this right now because you enjoy my writing. Well, why not learn directly from me?

Mistake # 2: No System For Success

Most new Medium writers go about the writing process this way:

  • They write only when they feel like it
  • When they do sit down to write, they just stare at a blank page and start typing or they don’t write anything at all
  • They randomly choose ideas to write about or struggle to come up with ideas at all

Successful writers use a system to create predictable and reliable success. Here are the outcomes you’ll get with the system I teach in Medium Writing Superstars:

  • You’ll always be motivated to write and you’ll publish 2-4 articles per week with ease
  • You’ll have endless ideas for blog posts with viral potential
  • You’ll know exactly what to write, how to write it, as well as how to edit your work without getting stuck in perfectionism

Look at what happens when you follow a system...


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Mistake # 3: Believing in Myths  

Most new Medium writers hop on the platform and make a lot of assumptions based on a tiny amount of experience. They believe things like:

  • You can only make money writing on Medium by writing about Medium
  • Or you have to write about self-improvement and making money
  • Real art can’t thrive on Medium. You must write formulaic blog posts and listicles only

Lies, big lies.

I’ve had students make hundreds and even thousands of dollars from a single blog post writing about the following topics:

Remember that image I posted earlier from Beth? She went from 45 to 13,000+ views in a single month by writing about….cats.

There are different pockets of Medium you can use to successfully write about different topics, but new Medium writers either don’t know where to look or just don’t take the time to do it.

In my program, I just show you exactly where to publish your work based on your niche. Problem solved. 

Once you solve these easy to fix problems and avoid making rookie mistakes, you get to experience all the amazing benefits of Medium.


 What Life Would Look Like After Following a Proven System to Succeed on Medium…

Imagine what it would feel like to know exactly which topics to write about. Imagine what it would feel like to have zero writer’s block, endless ideas, and the skills to write and publish viral articles regularly.

Imagine knowing where to publish those posts to get the most views and no longer feeling like you’re just publishing into the abyss only to hear crickets. 

Instead of fumbling around with different strategies, you’d be building a growing audience and income using Medium.

You no longer have to worry about what to do. You know how the platform works and you have a roadmap to keep growing your income over time.

Once you have a solid audience and income from Medium, you can expand your horizons and pursue more opportunities like publishing books, freelancing, or even creating your own programs. 


But instead of having to wait to build a big audience to monetize your work, you have money in your pocket sooner and the confidence that comes from knowing your main engine for growing your audience and making money is running smoothly. 

The bigger your audience on Medium gets, the easier it is to continue growing it. As you become a household name on the website, people are waiting and eager to read your words.  

Most successful writers on Medium attract a bunch of outside opportunities because Medium gets huge amounts of traffic. I’ve had people pitch me to do paid work for them. 

Several friends of mine have received book deals from publishers who found them on Medium. You can use Medium as the foundation for long-term success and make money at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Yes, it will require hard work. There’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme when it comes to making a living writing. Just not possible. But, with a system to follow and a platform built to help you succeed, you’ll be in a position to finally build the writing career you’ve been thinking about for so long.

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“Ayodeji is a brilliant teacher. Initially, I was hesitant to pay for his services because coming from a low-income country it was a huge sum of money to spend. Guess what? I gained it back within three months. He's incredibly humble and during our call, he even helped me understand my pain points and gave me actionable advice that helped me elevate my writing big time.

That writing led to making money, quitting my job, and creating multiple income streams - in 9 months. Last year, I earned 145% more than my corporate salary. My work gave me a 5% hike whereas I gave myself a much larger one. It all started from my conversation with him. If you want to elevate your life (and there's just one chance that you get at living), he is your man.”

Niharikaa Sodhi
Former Student

Introducing Medium Writing Superstars

Medium Writing Superstars is an online course and coaching program that teaches you exactly how to make money writing stories you love.

It comes with:

  • 25+ lessons(shot in HD resolution) teaching you how to make money writing on medium. They’re brief and easy to implement, giving you the exact information you need to succeed and nothing more
  • Checklists, exercises, and step by step blueprints that help you implement the lessons and start writing articles with viral potential as soon as possible
  • Done for you solutions like the Headline Vault (50+ plug and play headline styles you can tailor to your topic) and the Publication Black Book (A list of top Medium publications broken down by niche and difficulty level with direct links to submission guidelines)

Topics Covered in This Program

1. Understanding how Medium Works

You’ll learn the ins and outs of Medium. I will show you where to publish your work on the platform and how to publish it in a way that gives you the best odds of getting views and making money. 

I’ll show you:

  • How to get your articles featured in top Medium publications
  • How to choose a writing topic that fits your style and makes money on Medium
  • How to get your articles promoted by Medium’s editors
  • Examples of how successful writers succeed on the platform (including breakdowns of my work and analysis of top writers on the website)
  • How to stay in line with Medium’s evolving guidelines and make money at the same time

2. How to Become a Popular Writer

Above all else, this program teaches you how to become a good writer fast. I’m going to give you every single tip, trick, tactic, and strategy I’ve learned over the 8 years to become one of the most popular writers on Medium.

I’ll show you:

  • A step-by-step system to generate ideas for popular articles
  • How to write killer headlines and titles for your posts that get people to read them 
  • Persuasive writing tips, tricks, and techniques that will keep people reading work which earns more money
  • A proven system you can use to write new blog post after blog post without getting writer’s block
  • Different proven-to-work blog post styles that get tons of views and reads on Medium
  • How to keep growing your audience without burning out or hitting too many plateaus that cause you to quit

3. How to Master Your Mindset and Turn Your Writing Into an Empire

Like I said, success doesn’t happen overnight. You can use Medium to build a full-fledged writing business, but you need the right mindset as well as strategies that will help you grow your audience and income.

I’ll show you:

  • The mindset you need to become a top Medium writer
  • How to manage your time, stay productive, and write consistently
  • How to break the “beginner’s barrier” and push through when times are difficult
  • How to use your Medium traffic to build an email list of loyal fans to promote your articles and sell products down the road only if you want to)
  • Marketing and promotion techniques to increase your traffic and followers
  • Advice on thinking beyond Medium once you’ve built a foundation on the platform

This Program Works Great For:

  • Brand new writers with zero experience
  • Writers with some experience who have either hit plateaus and stumbling blocks or just want to make more money and get more views
  • Established writers who haven’t yet taken full advantage of Medium

This Program Doesn’t Work For:

  • People who want to get rich overnight. I’m not a get rich quick guru. I will make the process as seamless as possible, but you still have to do the work
  • People who can’t follow directions. Let me show you the way. After you use my strategies you can refine your approach over time
  • Fiction writers. I only teach non-fiction writing
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Here’s a breakdown of the exact modules and information you’ll get in the program.

Module 1: The Psychology of Making a Living Writing

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the ‘beginners trap’ 
  • How to develop a long-term money mindset
  • The right way to think about success on Medium

Module 2: The Medium Road Map

In this module you will learn:

  • How to  understand your stats and metrics
  • How to get your articles promoted by Medium
  • How to design your Medium profile 
  • How to properly format your articles
  • How to get into different publications on Medium
  • How to get maximum views and reads on Medium 
  • How to do audience research
  • How to choose a writing topic that you’ll love to write about and Medium fans will want to read
  • How to study and reverse engineer the success of top Medium writers

Module 3: Writing, Publishing, And Promotion on Medium

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to write headlines that make people want to read your articles
  • A system for consistently generating ideas to article topics to write about
  • How to structure your day to make sure you reach your writing goals
  • How to write a blog post from start to finish without getting stuck
  • The 3 step editing system
  • A system for engaging and promoting your work on Medium
  • A 30 day roadmap for publishing your first set of articles, getting accepted into your first publication, and earning your first dollar on Medium
  • Blog post blueprints from top Medium writers you can use to create articles with viral potential

Module 4: The Bag of Tricks: Persuasive Writing and Editing Techniques 

In this module, you’ll learn a number of different advanced writing techniques including:

  • The P.A.S. formula
  • The three nod technique
  • Future pacing
  • The mind reader effect
  • Sweater knit copy
  • Common words to remove from your writing
  • How and when to use quotes, statistics, and outside sources
  • Subheadings
  • Pattern interruptions
  • First, second, and third person perspective
  • Active vs. passive voice

And more!

Module 5: How to Use Medium to Build Your Writing Business

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to build an email list using your traffic from Medium articles
  • Email marketing 101: what to send your readers after they subscribe
  • How to build your writing career beyond Medium featuring a bird’s eye view of strategies like self-publishing, coaching, freelancing, course creation, and more

That’s what the program covers. Let’s talk about why Medium is the best platform to make money writing and how it can change your life.

Medium is a Traffic Machine

If you want to build a business from your writing, you need traffic, which is a fancy way of saying you need more people to read your work.

When people read and enjoy your work, you can ask them to join your email list. When you build an email list you can:

  • Send your audience links to new articles and grow your Medium profile
  • Create products and sell them to your audience
  • Have an audience you can take with you anywhere for the rest of your writing career

For long-term success, you’ll want to build an email list that you can use to create additional income streams and help grow your influence online. 

Medium helps you get traffic much more easily than you would with any other method. I keep a personal blog, but my Medium blog still gets much more traffic to this day.

With Medium, Opportunities Come to You


Instead of begging and groveling on Fivver to get $25 writing gigs, I get paid $500+ per article whenever I do a freelance job.

Even better, these opportunities came to me. 

That’s right, people reach out to me and ask if they can pay me to write for them. 

hey found my work on Medium, saw the quality of my writing, and reached out because they didn’t have to guess whether or not I was a good writer.

Back in the day, I’d kill to write for big publications like Business Insider. In fact, I tried and failed to do so. Years later, these publications found my work on Medium and asked to syndicate it. 

I’ve had several writer friends land book deals because publishers found them on Medium. 

Medium is a showcase for writers to flex their skills. People searching for talent visit Medium to find writers. Makes sense, right? It’s one of the top websites in the world filled with writing talent. 

If you were looking for a top writer to do a job for you, where would you go?

Being successful on Medium is like a digital business card.

Students in the program have landed podcast interviews, freelance gigs, affiliate deals, and more!

The Most Underrated Benefit of Them All


I saved one of the biggest and most underrated benefits of Medium for last. You get to meet other like-minded writers. 

I know pretty much all of the top writers on Medium. 

We share trade secrets with eachother. We promote each other’s products and share our audiences. We endorse each other. We share opportunities to make money with each other. 

Instead of competing with one another, we collaborate. 

When you join Medium Writing Superstars and do the work, you become part of my network. 

When one of my top students, Niharikaa, asked me to share her e-book with my email list of 35,000+ people, I was glad to because I knew her work was quality because I taught her how to write.

On top of making her investment back in the program through earning money writing on Medium, she’s continued to earn by building a relationship with me. 

She’s made money as an affiliate of this program. My fans have signed up to her email list and joined her paid programs.

Think bigger.

This is much more than just a writing course.

What Medium Writing Superstars Will Help You Do, Become, and Achieve

Nobody wants to ‘take a course.’ They want the results the program provides.

Let’s take a look at some of the outcomes you can expect from joining Medium Writing Superstars:

  • You’ll make more money working with me than you would on your own
  • You’ll publish your work in front of people who actually want to read it
  • You’ll stay the course instead of burning out and quitting because you don’t know how to succeed on Medium
  • Your confidence as a writer will skyrocket because you have money in your pocket and people who are eager to read your work
  • You’ll have a body of work you can be proud of
  • Opporunities you didn’t expect to happen will come your way
  • If you stick with the process long enough, you’ll write a viral article that will shift the trajectory of your career
  • Readers and others writers will look up to you as an expert, someone credible, maybe even an influencer
  • You’ll create a network without doing any cheesy or gimmicky networking
  • You’ll be able to build a true writing business that can make you six-figures (or more) down the road


Honestly, though, the biggest benefit of all is simple:

You’ll actually feel like a real writer.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had these ideas dancing around in your head for some time. Getting them out of your head and onto the page changes everything.

It makes you feel like you matter, like you’re finally fulfilling your purpose on this planet. It feels good to make an impact.

It feels good to read comments from readers saying you changed their lives, made them laugh, made them cry, brought them joy, inspired them, made them think, helped lift some of the darkness from their life, or changed the way the view the world.

I’ve been able to create quite the ripple effect with my work and I want you to continue that tradition. If you do the work, listen, and stay the course, you can do more than just make a few bucks writing on Medium.

You can become a household name on Medium and have hundreds or thousands pouring into your account in as little as 90 days.

How Much Does it Cost?



6 Monthly Payments Of



Special Bonuses 

Bonus # 1 - Blog Post Blueprints ($97 Value)


The blog post blueprints are ‘plug and play’ templates you can use to write popular blog posts styles that Medium audiences love to read. 


Each blueprint will contain an overview of how the blog post style works, an outline you can use to create each style of posts, and examples from top Medium writers you can study as guidelines.


Bonus # 2 - Write Like Ayo ($197 Value)


If you’ve ever wanted to get inside of my head and learn the thinking behind my popular articles, this is the resource for you. 


The course contains several writing techniques you can use to make your articles more persuasive. 


On top of teaching you the lessons, I show you how I implement each strategy by highlighting how I do it in my own articles.


You’ll get to see Google documents with comments and editorial feedback explaining why I choose to use certain techniques, word choice, sentence structure, and more in my articles. 


Bonus #3 The Template Library ($97 Value)


The program comes with downloadable step by step templates you can use to implement the Medium strategies including things like audience research, topic generation, mindset strategies, and more. 

Bonus #4  The Medium Mastermind Calls ($197 Value)


On these calls, you’ll be updated on Medium’s evolving changes and guidelines. I will talk about the technique I see working well both from myself and other top writers on the platform. 


I’ll do live ‘teardowns’ and critique the work of individual writers on the call to give everyone useful advice and feedback.


We’ll have live Q&A sessions at the end of each call.


Bonus # 5 -The Publication Black Book ($97 Value)

I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best publications to feature your work, broken down by category as well as ‘difficulty level’ grades to let you know if you’re ready to pitch them


Bonus # 6 - The Headline Vault ($97 Value)

The headline vault will include 100+ examples of headline styles you can use for your articles. 


The goal isn’t to use these specific headline formats forever, but to teach you how to come up with killer headlines so you can write unique headlines on your own.


Consider these the training wheels you need before you’re ready to ride on your own.

Bonus # 7 - The Medium Superstars Mastermind Group ($97 Value)


Support and accountability from your fellow writers can help you stay the course, give you useful ideas/feedback, and give you a sense of community by being able to interact with like-minded people.


The group will include areas for providing feedback, promoting each others work, and discussing what’s working so that we can all succeed.


I’ll also be heavily involved in this group, providing additional guidance.


Total Value of $1,379 For Just....



6 Monthly Payments Of




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This course comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I won’t ask you to ‘provide you’ve done the work’ to get a refund or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. 


Theoretically, you could take the entire course from start to finish, absorb all the information, and still ask for a refund. 


I like making money and I’m a businessman, but I don’t need to hold onto your cash if this isn’t a good fit for both of us.


Life is too short to hassle over such amounts. Most course pages will tell you that it’s ‘risk free’ to try their course. With me? It’s risk free. No hard sell here, just make the right decision for you.

Endorsements From Top Medium Writers

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Sean Kernan

Top Medium Writer with 71,000 followers

“Ayo's course is a fantastic route for aspiring professional writers. It covers all the necessary checkpoints to elevate your career. I particularly enjoyed his sections on editing, title craft, and the nod strategy. 


Even though I've been writing professionally for years, I learned a number of new things and am now rethinking my approach to content. 


Writing can be a highly intimidating craft when you are first starting out. I've long advised creatives should invest in themselves. Taking a course like Ayo's will help you immensely. He's shown me some of the outcomes of his students. They are making real money and performing great.”


Placeholder Image

Tim Denning

Top Medium writer with 269,000 followers


"There are writers who publish online. Then there are writers that change the way people think. Ayo is in the second category. He has created a cult-like audience through honest words that challenge your narrative of the world.


His success is the result of a daily writing habit. Ayo taught me to write ten headlines per day and not let critics take me down. It's also a pretty big secret that Ayo has made a lot of money from his writing. He's not a flashy guy, but to make the dollars he has shows his talent. 


I choose to learn from people who have proof-of-work. That's creators like Ayo – and they're bloody rare!"

Placeholder Image

Sinem Gunel

Top Medium writer with 54,000 followers


“Ayo was one of the first writers I followed and learned from on Medium. I’ve always admired his no-bs style and learned A LOT through his teachings. If you’re thinking about working with Ayo, you need to be ready for change and massive action because he goes all-in to share his wisdom and experience with new writers. Instead of making false promises and sharing half-backed advice, he’ll get to the point quickly and teach you exactly how to write for an audience of millions of people."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Breakthrough Momentum Mentoring is right for you, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Video Testimonials


More Student Testimonials

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Khyati Jain

I have been writing since July 2020 but didn't see considerable success until I joined this course. I am from India, so the price of the course was actually more than my monthly salary. 

I bookmarked his course months before I had the courage to make this big investment, and then something magical happened he slashed the prices by 40% in a Black Friday sale.

Ayo's generosity was more than enough for me to make an on-spot purchase. I knew if I didn't make this investment I would forever lock my identity as a "wishful writer" 

  • I started this course on 27th November 2021 and published my first viral story in February 2022.
  • His course helps me improve my writing, productivity, and ambition. It showed me the path to success.
  • It helped me increase my output and build consistent habits, that I wasn't able to do myself after writing for more than 15 months.

After 6 months of joining the course, I have 1500 followers, 7 top writer tags, 3 consecutive four-digit income months, and an unshakable self-belief that I will die as a writer.

Come hell or high water this is what I am gonna do for the rest of my life.

His motivation and knowledge changed my life. I am now earning 5 times my previous job, which I quit last month.


So, if you truly want to make a living as a writer, I highly recommend investing in his course. His course helped me achieve extraordinary results in just four months


Placeholder Image

Anggun Bawai


I started writing on Medium in late 2020 but didn't know what I was doing, and my earnings were never more than $150/month. So in 2021, when I felt so frustrated with my day job in Digital Marketing and wanted to make good money in writing, I decided I needed a mentor - someone who's been on the game for so long. Ayo has given me incredible insights on how to improve my writing skills. 


I love the course because there are practical suggestions I can implement right away, such as the Headlines exercise. I took the course back in late August and started to get really consistent with publishing 30 article/a month in September. 7 months later, I hit my first $2k, worked for several freelance clients outside Medium, and was invited to a Podcast Show as they said they love my articles.


My biggest achievement from it all is that I'm able to quit my soul-sucking job this month (May 2022) and finally have room to do things that I care about. I created my 6-month game plan, and Ayo's course has helped me a lot to make it happen. 

Placeholder Image

Lyuba Golovina


I had been thinking about writing and blogging for years, but never knew how to get started or what to write about. When I saw Ayo’s Medium writing course, I decided to sign up just to see what it was about. I was completely blown away by the amount of inspiration and motivation and I got from the course. It gave me the push I needed to not only get started, but also to keep writing 5 months later (with no intention of quitting!).


Thanks to Ayo, I don’t have to worry about running out of ideas, I have a framework I can use to keep improving my writing, and best of all I feel like I’m part of a community with the other writers in the course who support one another. This course was life changing for me because it helped me finally pursue what I’ve wanted to do for so long. So if you’re thinking about getting started on Medium, don’t hesitate and take Ayo’s course. You won’t regret it!


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Jo Ntsebeza

Within days of starting the Medium Course, I was writing articles that for the first time I felt really proud of. I've written for my website for years as part of marketing my coaching business. Although people told me I am a talented writer, something was missing from my writing. I use to have to many ideas in an article or not be able to write at all. The method and structure I got in this course gave me the tools to not only start writing but also to focus my writing in a way that impacts the reader. And my articles now give me loads of extracts to use for my social media. It has also helped me to make better videos and Lives. What I realised is this type of writing shows my audience my expertise and is better for my brand than my previous writing. So now when I do write something, it hits the spot


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Ravneet Kaur

Thanks to Ayo's course, I could build a writing habit after struggling for a long time. This course taught me everything about writing on medium and beyond. As a new writer on medium, I was overwhelmed since everyone had different advice to offer. His guidance took me in the right direction, saving a lot of time so I could focus on writing itself. His wisdom and writing experience is mind-blowing. Not many people offer such raw and honest advice and his ‘badass’ style not only makes his writing so amazing but also makes his coaching unique and effective, something I found extremely helpful in building my writing habit. His system along with a roadmap helped me produce content regularly and much more efficiently. The monthly coaching calls and the support group help to stay on track and connect with other amazing writers!


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